2nd Annual Quinsigamond Community College FLL Robotics Tournament

On the evening of Friday March 18th, FLL teams met at Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester MA.  Team registration started at 6:00pm, and separate meetings for team members and mentors began at 6:30pm. Topics for the team member forums include drive train, chassis, and manipulator design; as well as coding with RIS and RoboLab, and team leadership.  A small turnout was experienced, but the discussions were wide-ranging and valuable.

The following morning, Saturday March 19th, the 2nd Annual Quinsigamond Community College FLL Robotics Tournament was underway.  Registration started at 8:00am, with a coaches meeting at 8:30am.  Each teams "pit" was a classroom.  Then the competition rounds started - round 1 (9:00am), round 2 (9:45am), round 3 (10:30am) and round 4 (11:15am). Even before the 12 noon break for lunch, Project and Technical presentations had started (each in your own team's "pit").  The competition rounds resumed in the afternoon, through the Semi-finals.  Project presentation finals (on-stage) were at 4:00pm, then awards.  The competition finals at 4:30pm, then the final awards and closing.

The Sharon Eagle Robotics Unlimited team - including members of our partner team, the Sharon Eagle Robotics AngelBots, were there, and had a great time!  Our day was full, and our team did well in competition, and made solid presentations to the Research, Teamwork and Technical judging teams.  We made it through to the semi-finals, falling to the General Baitfish team.  The Anonobots triumphed in the finals, and the awesome Funky Monkeys took home the Director's Award.  General Baitfish earned the top Research award after an impressive stage presentation.  The Sharon Eagle Robotics Unlimited team earned the top Technical award, after our "press conference" presenting our season's work, featuring the "Eagle Overdrive" (Go Straight!).

The trophies were sponsored by Intel, and were absolutely awesome!  Intel deserves the FLL community's thanks for their interest and involvement, and certainly has ours as well!

Look for this tournament next year, and don't skip the Friday night meetings!

Link to our Photo Gallery

Download .pdf directions to the Quinsigamond Community College tournament.


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