2005 Challenge



FIRST Announces Ocean Odyssey FLL Challenge for 2005

In the 2005 Ocean Odyssey Challenge, FLL teams will use science and technology to better understand the world's oceans. The importance of enhancing such understanding has been underlined tragically by the terrible loss associated with the recent tsunami in the Indian Ocean. We grieve with and for the international victims of the recent tsunami disaster, and the devastation of so many communities. We are sensitive to their losses and to the difficult task of rebuilding the affected countries.

Ocean Odyssey Challenge - September 12, 2005

FIRST LEGO League travels into the depths of the ocean to explore the mysteries that lie below. The oceans are of vital importance to the health of the Earth and to everyone that lives on this planet; yet only 1% of these magnificent bodies of water have been studied.

Oceans provide inspiration, fun, and food. They absorb carbon and generate oxygen, profoundly affecting the global environmental system. A distress call has been issued to FIRST LEGO League teams around the world to find solutions that will sustain the health, biodiversity, and productivity of the world’s oceans for present and future generations.

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