Challenge 2004



The FLL No Limits Challenge is now released!

Download a .pdf copy of the challenge, easily printed (14 pages).

Link to to check out the details of this challenge!

The Missions are :Table Overview

A. Put the CD Away - 40 points if touching CD holder, 35 points if touching desk.

B. Play Ball - 5 points for each ball in your side of the basket, 50 points for your ball in the center. 2 point bonus for each loose ball on the field, subject to removal as Bonus loss.

C. Climb the Stairs - 45 points if at top of stairs at match end, 40 points if touching a step. No points if touching mat.

D. Feed the Pets - 15 points for each of 3 black pieces of food delivered to brick patio. Cannot be in a covered container, no points if pets are off patio.

E. Open the Gate - 35 points if open and latched, 20 points if just open.

F. Read the Bus Route Signs - 35 points if only white bus route sign is deflected. White sign randomly switched with a black sign at start of match.

G. Push in the Chairs - 10 points for each chair that has all four legs touching oval carpet. Chairs knocked over are worth 0 points.

H. Serve Dinner - 45 points for placing tray, bowl & all food onto table. 35 points for placing the bowl with some food onto table. No additional parts can be used to secure or contain.

I. Remove the Glasses - 40 points to move the glasses back to base.

Download a PowerPoint file with the model placement of the mat.

Download the "Late for Lunch" story, supporting the Research Project.

Download the Research Project Guide.

2004 FLL Table

Placement of components is speculative

Red (4) & Blue (4) Balls

2 ball racks and 8 balls


Straddles between tables

Basket Stand

Velcros to table border

Food Bowl

Bowl of food (18 pieces) and tray

CD holder


Chair (3)



Opens one-way



Red Sign (2)

White Sign (1)

Sign Holder (3)

Velcros to table border

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