Worcester 2013




Due to the tight timing of the matches (we were behind constantly), we were not able to provide photography of the teams at this qualifier.

Our referees:


Note:  Team Unlimited (FTC 0001) will be providing referee services for this tournament.

For 2013, the Burncoat High School (FRC 1735) Green Reapers will be running a qualifying FLL event on Saturday, December 13th.

All teams will have 5 matches before lunch and will be judged on Technical, Project and Core Values. In the afternoon, all teams will be entered into an elimination bracket.


  • Address:
    Campus Center Odeum
    Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    100 Institute Road
    Worcester, MA 01527

  • Campus Map (#7 on the map)

  • Parking: It is recommended to park either in the Higgins House Parking Lot or the West Street Parking lot. Permits are not required on the weekend.

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