Sharon Invitational




Our SYRA FLL Invitational has become a tradition with the second annual competition.  Everyone had a great time, and we all look forward to the third competition next December!

Many people in our community came together to make this both a successful competition and a successful season.  The teams themselves, their coach/mentors and parents, and the volunteers from the SYRA FTC teams - without all of you, the program would not exist!

We have posted photos from the 2nd Annual Sharon FLL Invitational!

Tournament Schedule (.pdf)

Tournament High Score Runner up - Xbots
  First - Black Botz
Programming Award Runner up - Erisbots
  First - Xbots
Innovative Design Award Runner up - Best Bots
  First - Black Botz
Dependable Design Award Runner up - Black Botz
  First - Motorizers
Teamwork Award Runner up - Think Outside the Botz
  First - Bricksters
Team Spirit Award Runner up - Motorizers
  First - Erisbots
Creative Presentation Award First - Motorizers
Research Quality Award First - Erisbots
Against All Odds Award Runner up - Bricksters
  First - Best Bots
Strategy Award First - Think Outside the Botz
Semi-finalists Xbots and Think Outside the Botz
Finalists Runner up - Motorizers
  First - Black Botz

2nd Sharon FLL Invitational Team Awards

Foxboro Bricksters

Sharon Best Bots

Sharon Black Botz

Sharon Erisbots

Sharon Motorizers

Sharon Think Outside the Botz

Sharon XBots


Team # Team Name Best Runs        
1 Best Bots 205 190 205 205    
2 Black Botz 370 275 370 325 370 365
3 Eris Bots 245 245 205 235    
4 Motorizers 290 235 290 280 310 230
5 Think Outside the Botz 250 245 150 250 240  
6 Xbots 310 310 285 295 305  
7 Bricksters 170 135 170 155    

Pre-tournament: The 2nd Annual Sharon FLL tournament will be held on Sunday, December 9th from 1pm to 4pm (plus or minus) at the Sharon Girl Scout House.  The seven SYRA teams plus the Sharon Devilbots are all invited.  The Mentors team, plus additional volunteers, will officiate as referees and judges.  3 rounds of qualifying competition on two tables will be followed by a series of single elimination matches.  Judging for technical and project presentations will be included.

And as always . . . we expect that a great time will be had by all!

Tournament Judging Rubrics and Score Sheets in both .xls and .pdf formats

Tournament Table Score Sheets in both .doc and .pdf formats

Scoring Table spreadsheets in .xls format.


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