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Well, the First Annual Sharon FLL tournament is now behind us, and I hope that all participants feel that the day was a success!
All seven SYRA teams acquitted themselves well!  You are all winners!
Our thanks go out to all the volunteers - coaches, parents and especially the Mentors team and other members of the Sharon FIRST Vex teams - without all of their contributions, this competition could not have gone on!  And always, thanks to the Sharon Girl Scouts - without them, where would we be?

Photos . . .

To recap the field performance:
The three rounds of preliminary competition ended with the scores as:
Black Botz 199 (199, 189, 175) seeded first
Motorized Molecules 187 (119, 187, 126) seeded second
Devil Bots 180 (70, 137, 180) seeded third
Nano Brothers 141 (110, 141, 74) seeded fourth
Fire Blazers 135 (129, 135, 123)
Eris Bots 113 (113, 35, 107)
Best Bots 71 (64, 31, 71)
The Elimination rounds proceeded:
1st round: Black Botz (71) and Nano Brothers (36) (first seed vs. fourth seed)
2nd round: Motorized Molecules (56) and Devil Bots (173) (second seed vs. third seed)
Final round: Black Botz (214) and Devil Bots (120)
The Black Botz received the Robotic Performance Award (with the high score of the day),  with the Devil Bots as runners-up.
To recap the judged awards:
Robot Design:
For their innovative approaches to mission challenges - the Motorized Molecules received the Innovative Robot Design Award.
For their solid construction execution, the Nano Brothers received the Robust Robot Design Award.
For their flexible mission tactics, the Devil Bots received the Versatile Robot Design Award.
For their creative presentation and imaginative project, the Eris Bots received the Project Award.
For their research quality and solid achievement, the Devil Bots received the Project Award, runners-up.
For their demonstration of excellent team interactions, the Fire Blazers received the Teamwork Award, with the Nano Brothers as runners-up.
Additional Awards:
The Team Spirit Award is shared by all seven Sharon Eagle Robotics team, for their excellent enthusiasm.
The Against All Odds Award was received by the Best Bots, for overcoming many challenges in their rookie season and persevering.
The Top Rookie Team Award was received by the Fire Blazers, with the Best Bots as runners-up.
A special Judges Knowledge Award was received by the Eris Bots, for their overall excellence in the Project and Technical presentations.
The First Annual SYRA Award, our premier overall recognition, was awarded to the Black Botz, with the Motorized Molecules as runners-up, for their over-all performance, as well embodying and demonstrating of the ideals of FIRST!

Pre-tournament: The inaugural Sharon FLL tournament will be held on Sunday, December 3rd from 1pm to 4pm (plus or minus) at the Sharon Girl Scout House.  The seven Sharon teams plus our associated Foxboro/Mansfield team are all invited.  The Mentors team, plus additional volunteers, will officiate as referees and judges.  3 rounds of qualifying competition on two tables will be followed by a series of single elimination matches.  Judging for technical and project presentations will be included.

And . . . a great time will be had by all!

Tournament Judging Rubrics and Score Sheets in both .xls and .pdf formats

Tournament Table Score Sheets in both .doc and .pdf formats

Scoring Table spreadsheets in .xls format.


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