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2008 Robonautica photos

2008 Robonautica Qualifying and Elimination Standings

2008 Robonautica 8 Judging Results

Champion's Award

Best: #30 - The Pink Flamingos - Leominster, MA (FLL World Festival Invitation Winner)

1st Runner up: #3035 - Battery Powered Picklejar Heads - Lexington, MA (FLL World Festival Invitation Winner)

2nd Runner up: #6287 - Sharon C - Sharon, MA (FLL US Open Invitation Winner)

Robot Performance

1st Place: #3526 - LLAMAS - Lexington, MA

2nd Place: #2745 - Robo Rebels - Sudbury, MA

3rd Place: #6287 - Sharon C - Sharon, MA

4th Place: #3984 - Anitoch Wizards - Fall River, MA

Most Reliable: #4628 - LegoEaters - Millis, MA

Robot Consistency (Best): #6736 - Valiant Vikings - Shrewsbury, MA

Robot Consistency (Honors): #3558 - The Dork Side of the Force - Lexington, MA

Research Quality

Best: #3000 - Nitro NXTs - Walpole, MA

Honors: #1199 - Purple Gear Ticks - Lincoln, MA

Innovative Solution

Best: #4628 - LegoEaters - Millis, MA

Honors: #5779 - Research Gravity Institute - Braintree, MA

Creative Presentation

Best: #494 - Nanosapiens - Newton, MA

Honors: #6736 - Valiant Vikings - Shrewsbury, MA

Judge's Award (Project) - Don Quixote Award

#5822 - Froot Loops - Lunenburg, MA

Innovative Design

Best: #1197 - Green Gear Ticks - Lincoln, MA

Honors: #5311 - LegoHooligans - Easton, MA


Best: #1117 - South Shore FLL - Scituate, MA

Honors: #3466 - Climate Controllers - Latham, NY

Judge's Award (Technical) - Software Conquers All Award

#495 - Bancroft Uber Bulldogs - Worcester, MA

Teamwork Award

Best: #6423 - Carbonators - Walpole, MA

Honors: #3114 - Techno Voyagers - Shrewsbury, MA

Team Spirit

#364 - The Cole Clippers - Norwell, MA

Success Against All Odds

#3814 - Rock-n-Rollbots - Leominster, MA

Judge's Award (Teamwork) - Carpe Diem Award

#4037 - Acton Robots - Acton, MA

Mentor(s) of the Year Award

#4826 - Power Sharks - Norwell, MA

Susannah Murphy

Cheryl Rastelli

Volunteer of the Year Award: Mike Norton

Pre-tournament:  SYRA runoffs were be held on Wednesday 12-17-08 at the Girl Scout House to determine which three Sharon Eagle Robotics teams will represent us at the Robonautica Massachusetts State FLL Championship to be held at WPI in Worcester on Saturday 12-20-08 from 7:30am to 4:00pm.  The Robonautica website is at

At the tournament, doors will open at 7:30am, with a mandatory coaches meeting with the head referee at 8:15am.  All teams should have FLL Consent Forms for each team member and coach, to be turned in at registration.  Food will be available all day at the concession area next to the pits, and a breakfast basket will be supplied to each team.  Food can be brought in to Harrington Auditorium.

Robonautica Coach Welcome Packet 2008

0730: Teams arrive

0815: Mandatory coaches meeting with Head Referee in 3rd floor lobby

0845: Opening Ceremonies

0910: Matches and Judging Begin

1130: Lunch break

1200: Judging Resumes

1215: Matches Resumes

1400: Playoff Matches Begin

1530: Awards Ceremony

1700: Event Ends

Location: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Harrington Auditorium

100 Institute Road  Worcester MA 01609   (directions to school)

Contact:  (508) 831-6750

Participating teams:

Team # Team Name School / Affiliation City, State
30 Pink Flamingos Samoset School Leominster, MA
104 Northboro Team1 Mellican Middle School Northborough, Ma
111 Polarize Westford Youth Robotics Association Westford, MA
364 The Cole Clippers The Cole Elementary School Norwell, MA
474 Climate Crusaders Home team Westborough, MA
494 Nanosapiens n/a Newton, MA
495 Bancroft Uber Bulldogs Bancroft School Worcester, MA
514 Sharon A Sharon Youth Robotics Association Sharon, MA
652 Top Secret Neighborhood Friends Brookline, MA
855 The Untitled Ones Shrewsbury Public Schools Shrewsbury, MA
856 The Bloc Dudes Shrewsbury Public Schools Shrewsbury, MA
857 Lean Green Lego Machine Shrewsbury Public Schools Shrewsbury, MA
1117 South Shore FLL Community Group Scituate, MA
1197 Green Gear Ticks Lincoln Recreation Dept. Lincoln, MA
1199 Purple Gear Ticks Lincoln Recreation Dept. Lincoln, MA
1239 Dover Rovers none Dover, ma
1362 Chapman Wolves Maria Weston Chapman Middle School Weymouth, MA
1414 RoboNetics II Hudson Public Schools Hudson, MA
1415 RoboNetics I Hudson Public Schools Hudson, MA
2687 Lightning Lego Clifford Granger Elementary School Agawam, MA
2745 Robo Rebels Neighboorhood Team Sudbury, MA
3000 Nitro NXTs Blessed Sacrament School Walpole , MA
3035 Battery Powered Picklejar Heads none Lexington, MA
3058 Central Rams 1 Central Middle School Quincy, MA
3114 Techno Voyagers Al-Hamra Academy Shrewsbury, MA
3234 Atom Smashers Monson Robotics Club Monson, MA
3277 Northboro Robotics Team 2 Melican Middle School Northboro, MA
3379 Geared Gators Fallbrook School Leominster, MA
3380 Weatherbots Fallbrook School Leominster, MA
3382 Lady Falcons Fallbrook School Leominster, MA
3466 Climate Controllers Latham, NY Laham, NY
3526 LLAMAS MIT Lincoln Laboratory Lexington, MA
3558 The Dork Side of the Force Lexington MA Girl Scouts Lexington, MA
3675 Team Barracuda Millbury Sutton Youth Robotics Sutton, MA
3814 Rock-n-Rollbots Samoset School Leominster , MA
3868 The Bot Heard Round the World Alcott School Concord, MA
3984 Antioch Wizards Antioch School Fall River, MA
4037 Acton Robots N/A Acton, MA
4105 Sharon Devilbots none Sharon, MA
4316 Smokin' Robots MIT Lincoln Laboratory Lexington, MA
4628 LegoEaters Woodside Montessori Millis, MA
4660 The Nutbots Trahan's Homeschool Boylston, MA
4826 Power Sharks Vinal Elementary School Norwell, MA
5311 LegoHooligans Easton Middle School Easton, MA
5410 Knights of the Lego Table Advanced Math & Science Academy Marlborough, MA
5777 DNA Reborn East Middle & PIP Braintree, MA
5779 Research Gravity Institute South Middle & PIP Braintree, MA
5822 Froot Loops none Lunenburg, MA
5949 Gears and Gizmos NA Sudbury, MA
5990 Sharon B Sharon Youth Robotics Association Sharon, MA
6202 Fighting Irish Clinton Middle School Clinton, Ma
6203 Jr. Gael Force Clinton Middle School Clinton, ma
6287 Sharon C Sharon Youth Robotics Association Sharon, MA
6423 Carbonators Blessed Sacrament School Walpole, MA
6431 Hiwah Homeschool Group Douglas, MA
6731 JAIJAB Homeschool Wrentham, MA
6736 Valiant Vikings Al-Hamra Academy Shrewsbury, MA
7149 RoboKnights No School Newton, MA
7157 Masterminds St. Joseph School Webster, MA
7201 Leominster Robotics 1 Leominster Robotics Leominster, MA
7322 Mansfield Qualters Middle School Mansfield, MA
7339 AMSA Dominators Advanced Math & Science Academy Marlborough, MA
7369 Robot Raiders None Westwood, MA
7596 Lexington Robos Harrington Elementary School Lexington , MA


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