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Robonautica 7 pictures are now posted!

Ready, Set . . .   Qualifying Rounds   Elimination Rounds   Awards

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The final round came down to the Sharon Motorizers (competing as team 83 on the red table), Northboro Team 1 (competing as team 51 on the green table) and the Sharon Xbots (competing as team 84 on the blue table).  The Sharon Motorizers placed first, the Sharon Xbots placed second, and Northboro Team 1 placed third.  All the teams at Robonautica 7 showed their AWESOME capabilities through a long day of competition!  The team members and volunteers from the Sharon Youth Robotics Association look forward to participating in Robonautica 8!

Elimination Chart Red

Progression to red finals table

Elimination Chart Green

Progression to green finals table

Elimination Chart Blue

Progression to blue finals table

Award Team Name #

Against All Odds Award

Robot Tears


Team Spirit Award

Shrewsbury Robotics



Shrewsbury Robotics


Most Reliable Robot Award

The Robauditors


Robot Consistency Award

Holliston Middle School (RAMS)



St Mary's


Programming Award




Endless Energy


Design Innovation Award




Antioch Wizards


Judges Award: Technical

Tazmanian Devilz


Judges Award: Project

Sharon A


Judges Award: Rookie



Creative Presentation Award

Dork Side of the Force





Innovative Solutions Award

Moose Squad



Holliston Middle School (RAMS)


Research Quality Award

Llunenburg Llego Llamas



Some Assembly Required


Robot Performance Award

Sharon Motorizers



Sharon Xbots



Northboro Team 1


Best Mentor Award

Uber Bulldogs


Volunteer Award

Nick Galotti

Nick Galotti

Teamwork Award

HPS FLL Robotics Club



Uber Bulldogs


Champions Award

Northboro Team 1



The Six Musketeers


The field of competition:

Team Team name Hometown FLL #
11 Shrewsbury Robotics Shrewsbury, MA 621
12 Shrewsbury Robotics Shrewsbury, MA 620
13 St Mary's Shrewsbury, MA 6585
14 HPS FLL Robotics Club Hudson, MA 1882
15 Dover-Sherborn Middle School Dover, MA 5494
16 DoverRovers Dover, MA 314
21 Newtonian Roboticists Newton, MA 1630
22 Newtonian Mechanics Newton, MA 4565
23 Antioch Wizards Fall River, MA 2019
24 Power Pack Nanobot Hunters Fall River, MA 3539
25 CHAOS League Woods Hole, MA 3347
26 Some Assembly Required - Natick Natick, MA 3265
31 Norman Williams Public Library Woodstock, VT 2737
32 Power Pirates Westborough, MA 886
33 Gnomish Joule Jammers Lexington, MA 5146
34 Dork Side of the Force Lexington, MA 4033
35 Holliston Middle School (RAMS) Holliston, MA 4816
36 Team Barracuda Sutton, MA 3532
41 The Six Musketeers Monson, MA 3621
42 Atom Smashers Monson, MA 3507
43 solar-powered-duckies2341 Sudbury, MA 2341
44 Sentinels Mendon-Upton, MA 1029
45 Robot Tears Littleton, ME 4835
46 Bentley Roosters Salem, MA 5641
51 Northboro Team 1 Northborough, MA 1067
52 Northboro Team 2 Northborough, MA 2
53 Power Players Douglas, MA 7087
54 Aqua Energizers Douglas, MA 3540
55 Jr Devil Dawgs Leominster, MA 251
56 Tazmanian Devilz Leominster, MA 248
61 Moose Squad Worcester, MA 213
62 Uber Bulldogs Worcester, MA 66
63 Endless Energy Brookline, MA 1402
64 brickboys5044 Reading, MA 5044
65 Melrose Funny Bunnies Melrose, MA 3613
66 Melrose Boltz Melrose, MA 6870
71 Fresh Italian Cooking Acton, MA 2498
72 ActonRobots Acton, MA 1624
73 Llunenburg Llego Llamas Lunenburg, MA 2202
74 The Fruit Loops Lunenburg, MA 4905
75 B/TREK Boylston, MA 271
76 NutBots Boylston, MA 5324
81 Mississassembled Hybridroids Chelmsford, MA 3056
82 The Robauditors Chelmsford, MA 3629
83 Sharon A Sharon, MA 43
84 Sharon Eagle Robotics Sharon, MA 5472
85 Sharon Devilbots Sharon, MA 5282

Pre-tournament: SYRA runoffs will be held on Sunday 12-19-07 at the Girl Scout House to determine which Sharon Eagle Robotics teams will represent us at the Robonautica Central Massachusetts FLL tournament to be held at WPI in Worcester on Saturday 12-15-06 from 7:30am to 4:00pm.  The Robonautica website is at

At the tournament, doors will open at 7:30am, with a mandatory coaches meeting at 8:45am.  Food (coffee, juice, doughnuts, etc.) will be available from 8:00am at the concession area next to the pit area, and the food court at the Campus Center will be open for lunch at 11:00 am.

At registration, all teams should have four completed Team Introduction Forms (with team photo attached to each), and FLL Consent Forms for each team member and coach.

Location: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Harrington Auditorium

100 Institute Road  Worcester MA 01609   (directions to school)

Contact:  Ken Stafford   (508) 831-6122

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