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This page is intended to be a reference for Massachusetts FLL referees, posted by the MA Referee Advisor.  The listed document links are all significant to the understanding of the Food Factor FIRST LEGO League challenge, especially with respect to refereeing at a tournament.

MA FLL Referee Training 2011 - .doc  .pdf

Outline for MA FLL Referee Training during the 2010 season

Robot Game - Rules, Missions and Field Setup

General rules for FLL game, challenge-specific rules for Food Factor game, and details for proper Food Factor field assembly

Updates page on FLL Challenge site

Rule clarifications or changes, won't change after 3pm on Friday before tournament

Overhead view of the field as set up

Aerial view of a properly set up Food Factor field

Official FLL Score Sheet           TechBrick FLL Score Sheet

Qualifying tournaments may use this or their own score sheet.  The refs do not score points, just missions, the math will be done at the scoring table (by spreadsheet).  The TechBricks sheet is a good reference for training purposes, as it does show points.

Field Mat image with models for use in training - meant to be laminated with image on one side, and FIRST and TechBrick score sheets on the reverse.  Either print the 11x17" on a wide format printer, or reproduce the 12x18" image at a photo shop and trim to 11x17".  Field photo courtesy of the TechBrick website - thanks for all you do!

Full Size - 11x17"

Full Size - 12x18

Mat side shown laminated

Score sheet side shown laminated

Print 8.5x11, laminate with next image

Print 8.5x11, laminate with previous image

Last 8.5x11" images are ref cheat sheets, laminate back to back and refer to for field setup and reset object quantities, as well as what pieces that you don't want the teams to take away from the table.

Building Instructions for Table Models

In case models were incorrectly assembled or need to be rebuilt, many pages so electronic format (Smartphone, PDA, laptop) can work well

Animals and Fish

Bacteria and Viruses

Contamination Risk

Cooking Timer

Dining Table

Farm Truck


Groceries and Pastries

Harvester and Corn

Import Export Stations

Pesticides and Heavy Metals

Pizza and Ice Cream

Refrigerated Trailer



Total Element Overview

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