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This page is intended to be a reference for Massachusetts FLL referees.  The listed document links are all significant to the understanding of the Body Forward! FIRST LEGO League challenge, especially with respect to refereeing at a tournament.

MA FLL Referee Training 2010 - .doc  .pdf

Outline for MA FLL Referee Training during the 2010 season

Robot Game - Rules

General rules for FLL game

Robot Game - Missions

Challenge-specific rules for Body Forward! game

Robot Game - Field Setup

Details for proper Body Forward! field assembly

Rulings page on FLL Challenge site

Rule clarifications or changes, won't change after 3pm on Friday before tournament

Overhead view of the field as set up

Aerial view of a properly set up Body Forward! field

Sample Score Sheet

Good example, may or may not be used at your tournament, refs do not score points, just missions, math should be done at the scoring table (by spreadsheet)

Building Instructions for Table Models

In case models were incorrectly assembled or need to be rebuilt, many pages so electronic format (Smartphone, PDA, laptop) can work well

Artery & Stent

Bionic Eyes

Brain & Door

Heart Pacemaker & Cardiac Patch

Large Bone, Bone Bridge & Goal

Medicine Dispenser & Container

Patent & Mechanical Hand


Pressure Tester

Ramp & Syringe

Small Bone & Cast

Tissue Areas

Total Element Overview

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