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SYRA 2007 Kickoff
For New Teams

Alternative Energy Resources - Meeting the Global Demand

How do our personal energy choices to do things like heat our homes, fuel our cars, charge our  cell phones, power our computers, or even download music to our iPods impact the environment, economy, and life around the globe? Which resources should we use and why?

Explore how energy production and consumption choices affect the planet and our quality of life today, tomorrow, and for generations to come. Can FIRST LEGO League teams find the ultimate solution to this global Power Puzzle?

The Power Puzzle Challenge has been released (as of September 5th), and can be linked to at http://www.firstlegoleague.org/default.aspx?pid=29550.

We have created an easily printed document containing the web content on the Power Puzzle Challenge site - 2007 Power Puzzle Challenge.doc and 2007 Power Puzzle Challenge.pdf.

Power Puzzle mission video files: http://webstreamer3.doit.wisc.edu/lego/

Power Puzzle field worksheet: 2007 Field Worksheet.jpg (print as a 12x18 photograph, trim to 11x17 and laminate, mark up with dry erase pens).

FLL Coaches Handbook .pdfs:    covers    part 1    part 2    part 3

Senior Mentor conference calls:

Organizing and Preparing Your Team for Presenting -  https://www.callinfo.com/archives/playback.jsp?id=kvxe17f0

Game Discussions and Strategies - https://www.callinfo.com/archives/playback.jsp?id=wsny7r30

If you need to download Macromedia Flash to play these files, it can be obtained at www.macromedia.com/software/flash/

Power Puzzle Mat

Full resolution

Season Schedule for FLL US & Canada  

May 1 Team registration opens
Mid - Late May Registration materials and FLL Robot Sets begin to ship
Aug 1 Field Setup Kits begin to ship
Sep (TBD) Registration closes when all slots are filled
Sep 5 International Challenge Release
Oct 1 Tournament registration opens
Oct 12 Tournament registration closes
Nov - Jan Tournament season

FLL Pricing (Please take note of the increase in team registration cost)

$200 +shipping Team Registration (mandatory purchase, NON-refundable)
$325 + shipping FLL Robot Set NXT
$65 + shipping FLL Field Setup Kit (NON-refundable)
$50-$150 approx. Tournament participation prices set at the local level

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