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And so it begins . . . the 2005 Ocean Odyssey Challenge has been released, as of Monday September 12th at 12 noon.  The FLL Forums have been open for a while, and will be increasing active as time goes on.  Also, the important Q & A section should be checked frequently, to see official clarifications and interpretations from FIRST.

We have posted the 2005 challenge as a single 29 page document to make it easier to print - download 2005 Ocean Odyssey Challenge.pdf (Adobe Reader format) or 2005 Ocean Odyssey Challenge.doc (Microsoft Word format)The contents of this document are identical to those at the FLL challenge website, and all rights are reserved to FIRST.

We have posted photos and pictures of the mat and structures, as well as a 2005 challenge scoring sheet from head referee Jack Gregory.

We have our Coaching 101 presentation posted on our Resources page.  Also, note Skye Sweeney's Coaches Primer posted on his website.

Also, note that Skye Sweeney's famous UFAQ (Unofficial Frequently Asked Questions) website is now open for this season.  It is an incredible resource to rookie and experienced teams alike.  Especially note his summary of this year's rule changes.

To log into the forums, you must first create your team as a new user (note - the access code is at the lower right corner on page 97 of your new FLL Coaches' Handbook).  This year's FLL policies (also on page 97) emphasize that all access should be supervised, with an adult present while the team accesses the forums.

The nine missions (with point values):

Deploy the Submarine 40 or 35 points
Conduct a Transect Mapping 30 & 3x15 points
Protect the Pump Station 40 points
Service the Pipeline 40 points
Sample One Species From Among Others 35 points
Release the Dolphin 25 points
Decide About and Artificial Reef 40 points
Clean Up a Cargo Shipping Accident 30 points
Bonus items - crates (each) 5 or 2 points
Find and Recover Archeological Artifacts 35 or 25 points
Maximum points . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 400 points

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