Nano Resources



Now that the Nano Quest challenge has been released, you can directly to the project page and resource links on the FIRST LEGO League website.

Links to some additional educational resources on nanotechnology:

Ask a Nanoscientist - from the Boston Museum of Science and the Materials Research Society

Nanooze Magazine - with special Nano Quest issue

Exploring the Nanoworld - Interdisciplinary Education Group

    especially Exploring the Nanoworld with LEGO Bricks

Integrating Nanotechnology into the K12 Classroom - University of Central Florida

ImagiNations at Lehigh University

Main Street Science - Nanotechnology Center at Cornell University

NanoKids - Rice University

Nanoscale Science Education

Science Friday - Author Michael Crichton & Prey - micro-robots and nanotechnology

Science Friday - Wait a Nanosecond! Nanotechnology News


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