Milton 2010




Tournament Results:

Team Name Practice 1 2 3 Top Score


RB Stangs 80 120 75 120 120 2
The Rainbow Tubbies 25 45 40 60 60 9
Robotic Einsteins 155 55 105 155 155 1
Mooseheads 40 35 25 60 60 9
Brainstormers 0 60 90 30 90 5
Ace of Hearts (Westwood) 100 75 105 100 105 4
Brooks School Tinkerers 35 55 20 70 70 7
Robominds 55 50 70 55 70 7
Floobert 75 100 70 110 110 3
Machine Re-Volt Institution 70 30 50 75 75 6



Brief Overview of the Tournament:
8:00-8:45am Registration is open
Brief opening ceremony shortly after 9am
Closing ceremony about 2:00pm
Tournament ends at 3:00pm

At the registration booth you will be provided map of tournament laying out where all the
relevant locations are found including judging room, restroom, competition arena., a

complete schedule, individual awards for your team, and some additional information. 
Payment in the amount of $25 can be paid in cash or checks can be made out to the Pierce
Robotics Club.  Also at the registration table we are required to collect from each team
a 2010-2011 consent form (see below).  Each member of the team
needs to have a signed parent consent form.  Also the judges would like to have 4 copies
of the FLL Team information sheet. This allows the judges to discover a little bit about each individual team.

See link below.  Extra copies of both forms will be at the information table on the day of the event.

What to expect at the tournament?

All four elements of a FLL tournament will take place which include; the robot
competition, the project judging, technical judging, and teamwork judging.  As a
reminder, judges are not going to expect that your research project is fully completed
this early in the season. Encourage your team to share with the judges what they have
completed so far and what they expect to do next.  Consider this as a practice
competition.  Although there will be power in the project judging room, it is recommended
that for any multimedia presentations you have a laptop available.  To keep the
tournament fun and exciting, there may be a small addition to the competition which
requires teams to learn a little bit about their competitors. More information can be
learned about this at the registration booth. With the robot competition there will be
one practice round followed by three scored rounds. There will not be an elimination

What to bring?

Field mat and competition pieces to practice prior to rounds
Extra batteries or chargers to power robots
Essential materials for project grading
Consent forms and team information forms
Light snack for the ride up
Have your students write their names on everything –if lost can be returned

Team spirit - We are going to have a great time!

Food and Beverages
Breakfast: A light breakfast will be available:  coffee, donuts, bagels, and possibly hot
chocolate upon your arrival. However plan on having something to eat prior to arriving in
the event that all the growing teens/preteens devour the food faster than expected.
Lunch: Food and drink will be available for a reasonable cost; pizza, soda, snack foods,
and desserts.

Directions and Parking:

The Pierce Middle School is located at 451 Central Ave., Milton, Ma

You can go to this website and put in your starting address in the Get Directions space

There is parking at the school.  There is additional parking just past the school on the left (Lincoln street. There is also plenty of parking at Kelly Field, look for the backstop as a landmark. Please feel free to load and unload in front of the school but please be considerate of other vehicles which need to do the same.

Inclement weather

There Is always that chance we could receive some foul weather that
could prevent or delay the tournament. I am therefore asking that each coach forward me a
contact number that would allow me to reach you promptly. My home number is 617-481-0158 and cell is 617-913-7936.  Contact me with questions you might have or for other details the morning of the tournament.

If you have any questions about anything mentioned or something that I forgot to mention,
please shoot me an e-mail.  I will keep you up to date with any new information or
developments as we approach the Nov. 13 date.

Be in touch,

David Romeo
Event coordinator/coach

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