Links - useful sites

Useful and/or interesting sites to browse.

Sharon Eagle Robotics Unlimited - archived FLL team site from 2004-2005 (RCX FLL)

Team Unlimited site - current Sharon Team Unlimited (FTC 0001) FIRST Tech Challenge website

FIRST official sites

FIRST - Main


FIRST LEGO League - Team Registration

FIRST LEGO League - The Game

FIRST LEGO League - Massachusetts

FIRST unofficial sites

TechBrick FLL resources

NEMO - the Non-Engineering Mentor Organization, a great coaching resource

Chief Delphi FLL forums (FLL on-line message board)

Chief Delphi FTC forums (FTC on-line message boards)

Minnesota FLL site (HighTechKids)

    Coaching Resources from HighTechKids

LEGO engineering (resources for educators teaching with LEGO Mindstorms)

LEGO sites

LEGO Mindstorms (official LEGO Mindstorms site)

LEGO Education Store - LEGO parts sales (official educational source of LEGO components)

LEGO Education Store - Mindstorms NXT sales (official educational source of LEGO Mindstorms NXT)

LEGO Education Store - Mindstorms EV3 sales (official educational source of LEGO Mindstorms EV3)

BrickLink - parts sales (many individual sources of LEGO parts)

LUGNET LEGO Users Group Network (great LEGO construction content)

LDraw & ML-CAD resources (try Get Started, LDraw Tools Installer (large))

FIRST and other robotic events sites

WPI RoboNautica MA FLL state championship (held at WPI in December)

6.270 - MIT's Autonomous Robot Design Competition (held at MIT in January)

Boston Regional FIRST Robotics Competition (held in March at BU Agganis Arena)

BattleCry @ WPI FIRST Robotics Competition, post-season (held in June at WPI)

FRC FIRST Connecticut Regional (held in March at CT Convention Center in Hartford CT)

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