Post-tournament: a lot of fun was had by all the teams in attendance.  Kristen Dorsey organized a great competition, and the volunteers were awesome!  Our sincere thanks to the Wentworth Institute of Technology for their generosity in hosting the Boston PowerPlay! event!

The SYRA is especially proud of the Erisbots and Think Outside the Botz team, who finished one and two in the high-score field competition!

We will post photos here, as soon as we can process them.

The results are as follows:

Teamwork Award Team 2, the Hopkinton LegoCules
Spirit Award Team 16, the Sarah Greenwood RoboSquad
Against All Odds Award Team 15, the Perry Middle Inukamis?
Judge's Award Team 14, Quincy Upper
Judge's Award Team 5, Mary Lyon R Squared
Programming Award Team 11, Stasrobotics
Programming (runner-up) Team 17, the Timilty Robotigers
Mechanical Design Award Team 8, the Leominster Green Robomonsters
Mechanical Design (runner-up) Team 4, the Leominster Roboraptors
Creative Presentation Award Team 1, the Falconbots
Creative Presentation (runner-up) Team 6, the Leominster Rock-n-Rollbots
Research Quality Award Team 10, the O'Bryant Tigers
Research Quality (runner-up) Team 9, the PhDs
Robot Performance Award Team 13, the Sharon Erisbots
Robot Performance (runner-up) Team 3, Sharon Think Outside the Botz
Champions Award Team 7, Endless Energy
Champions Award (runner-up) Team 12, the Leominster Devil Dolls

Pre-tournament: The competition is scheduled for March 8th, in Building 5 on the Wentworth Institute of Technology campus, with parking available in the West lot.  The Boston PowerPlay! website is at http://www.baystatefirst.org/BFFL.html.

Download the pre-competition welcome packet (.pdf).

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