Blackstone 2007



Post-tournament: The Blackstone Regional FLL competition was held on Saturday, November 17th with a great field of teams and an large appreciative crowd of spectators.  Mike Norton and his crew of student volunteers deserve a lot of credit for hosting this premiere competition every year - a don't miss experience for Massachusetts FLL! As always, a great time was had by all!

Our Teams: link to Blackstone&Sharon2007

Photos:  link to Blackstone2007Photos

Awards:  along with judges citations.

Award Judges Citation Award definition
1 1st place Congratulations to the tournament winner, Northboro team 1 from Northboro MA. To the team that wins the competition
2 2nd place Congratulations to the tournament finalist, the Green Gear Ticks from Lincoln MA. To the team that comes in second in the competition
3 Leadership Award We would like to recognize an FLL program for the leadership shown by high school student mentors drawn from the alumni of the program.  They are a great example for us all, in paying forward the investment that their mentors put in them!  The leadership award goes to the Shrewsbury FLL program, teams 13, 14, 15 & 16! This award goes to a team that demonstrates leadership by dealing with problems on and off the competition field with gracious professionalism.
4 Technical Award This team had a very good dependable design.  All motions were calculated and precise.  They also had quick and clean part changes. We would like to present a Technical award team 4, B/TREK of Worcester MA.

This team did an amazing job switching the hydrogen car and truck in a single sweep, showing their great ingenuity and design.  We would like to present a Technical award to team 28, Northboro Team 2 of Northboro MA.

This award goes out to a team whose robot performs its duties, match after match, with the same great outcome. 
5 Robust Design Award With a robot described as "indestructible", they zoomed around the field with amazing accuracy.  Proving that in most cases, the simple designs win out, this magenta robot brings the Robust Design award to team 55, the Pink Flamingos from Leominster MA.

This solidly-built robot showed its strength on the field, ranking high in the seeding matches with good consistency.  The judges would like to present a Robust Design award to team 16 from Shrewsbury MA.

Judges look for teams whose work stands out for Dependable design. To assess innovation, the judges watch the robot's work and look for things that make them say “Wow!” for Dependable design.
6 Creativity Award This team's robot featured an intriguing two-wheel design with an unusual footprint and lightweight structure.  For a unique and innovative design, team 36, the Red Gear Ticks from Lincoln MA have been chosen to receive a Creativity award.

This team's robot's interesting abilities and entirely unique wave turbine stood out among many others.  For efficient execution and a memorable rotary marine power generation device, team 29, TechnoKids 1 from Northboro MA have been chosen to receive a Creativity award.

Judges look for teams whose work stands out for innovation. To assess innovation, the judges watch the robots work and look for things that make them say “Wow!” for innovative design.
7 Standing Out Award One team that stood out showed us creative use of the older RCX controller, with quick changes and good mission combinations, as well as good recovery from drop damages.  Team 6, Endless Energy from Brookline MA wins a Standing Out award.

Another team stood out for good use of the RCX controller and consistent scoring with a unique articulated arm/pusher mechanism.  Team 42, Sharon Eagle Robotics A from Sharon MA, wins a Standing Out award.

This award goes out to the teams that have solve the competition in a way that stands out for the others. 
8 Team Spirit Award Many teams showed great team spirit today, making this a difficult decision to make.  One team that really stood out had assigned rock star names to each of their team members, creating an original, consistent theme for themselves.  With buttons, stickers and a photo album, this team rocked and rolled all over the field.  A Team Spirit award goes to team 57, the Rock-N-Rollbots from Leominster MA.

Another notable team certainly wasn't afraid to be bold!  With shiny red and silver hats, flowing with feathers, you couldn't miss thus team in the crowd.  A Team Spirit award goes to team 54, the Falconbots from Leominster MA.

Some teams really know how to have fun. This award goes to the team that most enthusiastically demonstrates a commitment to getting others to see how accessible, fun, and rewarding science and technology can be, especially when you are part of a great team.
9 Sportsmanship Award This team went the extra mile today, helping others while preparing for head-to-head competition.  For good citizenship in assisting others understand the rules and strategies, team 5, the Mechatronic Marauders from West Springfield MA have been chosen to receive the Sportsmanship award. During the course of competition, the judges may encounter a team whose unique effort has help other teams out. Not only they have to worry about their robot but they are willing to help others robots out.
10 Most Photogenic Award An image of an alien creature comes to mind when viewing this elaborately decorated robot - a most photogenic award goes to team 43, the ElectroRats from North Easton MA.

"Low to the ground", "Very slick", Elegantly assembled" - the reviews are in!  A most photogenic award goes to team 56, the Short Circuits from Leominster MA.

This award goes to the team that has a robot that Hollywood would be proud of having for it great looks.
11 Team Support Award The best recommendation for a Team Support award comes from a team that they helped.  This team helped start up a rookie team this season, who spoke warmly of the many times that the veteran team came to lend a hand.  A Team Support award goes to team 51, Bestiarius Electris from Westford MA.

This group of teams had nothing but good words for each other.  Each team had a story about helping others, and being helped.  The teams built family bonds between them.  All students, no matter what there skill level, were able to find a home in this group.  A Team Support award goes to the Lincoln Gear Ticks organization, teams 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 and 39!

Teamwork is critical to succeed in FIRST LEGO League and is the key ingredient in any team effort. FLL presents this award to the team that best demonstrates extraordinary enthusiasm, an exceptional partnership, and the practice of FLL values. The team receiving this trophy demonstrates the following attributes to the judges:                                                                            • Confidence, energy, and enthusiasm
• Group problem-solving skills
• Understanding of and respect for others
• Positive team interaction and group dynamics
• Demonstrated interest in science and/or technology
• Ability of team members to fill each other’s roles when necessary 
12 Director's Award This is the highest award given out at a FIRST LEGO League competition.  This team showed excellent strength, not only in their robot design and dependability, but in teamwork and sportsmanship.  Their unique manipulator with auto-launching wave turbine was impressive, but equaled by the sophistication of their control program, that tracked how far the robot has moved to return confidently to base.  We would like to present the Director's award to team 2, the Six Musketeers of Monson MA. At every tournament, there are teams that the judges notice and believe will soon be among the best and the brightest. The Rising Star Award recognizes a team that the judges believe stands out and that we expect great things from in future Challenges. 
13 High Score Award Awarded to team 2, The Six Musketeers of Monson MA for a qualifying round high score of 345. This award goes to the team whose robot achieves the best score on the competition field during the seeding rounds
14 Against All Odds Award This team had more than its share of bad luck during the build season.  Despite having a broken controller for 3 weeks, and almost having to face today's competition with their coach stuck in Canadian weather, they still showed up today, handed out candy to everyone with smiles on their faces, and made sure that their loud moose calls were heard!  An Against All Odds award goes to team 59, the Mooseheads from Milton MA.

This team dropped their robot right before going in to compete, and it shattered into pieces.  Parts were still falling off as they were setting up and adjustments were still being made as the round started.  Nonetheless, they completed their round with great determination.  An Against All Odds award goes to team 18, the Soulja Boys of Uxbridge MA.

This award goes to the team that improvises and overcomes a difficult situation while still making a respectable showing with an attitude that shows, "We can overcome incredible odds if we never give up, no matter what!"
15 Programming Award This team had multiple programs that could do multiple tasks, and shared reusable code modules.  Their clean code and clear comments have earned a Programming award for team 48, Gibbons Middle School of Westborough MA.

This team had a great master of floor markings, multi-tasking and teamwork.  They actually programmed beyond the limits of their robot design, and learned to adapt from it.  A Programming award goes to team 8, the Sharon Devilbots.

Judges look for teams whose work stands out for Programming. To assess innovation, the judges watch the robots work and look for things that make them say “Wow!” for programming
16 Technical Execution This team made very good use of a crane mechanism to perform many of their tasks.  They also did an amazing job with the oil rig task.  All motions were extremely well executed.  We would like to present a Technical Execution award to team 40, the Masterminds from Delmar NY.

This team did a great job using a tread-drive system in order to execute very precise moves.  They also used the RIS programming system to its maximum effect by systematically determining their programming goals.  We would like to present a Technical Execution award to team 22,  the Shell Shockers from Uxbridge MA.

This award goes out to the teams that have shown that they can execute their game plan each and every time they get up to the competition table. 
17 Oh, NO.. I can't believe it! This team could collect all the corn pieces AND trigger the coal car in one swift motion.  The speed and elegance of this maneuver results in an Oh, No, I Can't Believe It! award for team 32, the Newtonian Mechanics from Newton MA.

This team was one of the few today that could place the solar panel on the roof of the house.  The only problem is that it worked a second AFTER the judge walked on to the next table.  I can't believe it - because I didn't see it, but witness testimony confirms it.  An Oh, No, I Can't Believe It! award goes to team 27, Northboro Team 1 of Northboro MA.

This award goes out to a team that did something through out the competition that made the judges step back and say "I can not believe what I saw."
18 Judge's Award  This team appeared in many award categories, spanning from technical to artistic merit.  This Judges award goes to team 24, the Uber Bulldogs of Worcester MA.

This team impressed all the judges, from their sophisticated attachments to their well-documented, automatic edge finding program.  This Judges award goes to team 38, the Green Gear Ticks of Lincoln MA.

During the course of competition, the judges may encounter a team whose unique efforts, performance, or dynamics merit recognition. Some teams have a story that sets them apart in a unique way. Sometimes a team is so close to winning an award that the judges choose to give it special recognition. This award gives the judges the freedom to recognize the most remarkable teams for which a standard award does not exist.
19 Best play of the day In one round on table 5, this team sent their robot out to harvest the corn, snagging two our of three pieces.  Their robot then triggered the coal card, and returned to the base, incidentally pushing the missed piece of corn before it.  For the serendipitous occurrence the Best Play of the Day award goes to team 3, the Moose Squad of Worcester MA. This teams robot showed an amazing robot operation during a match
20 Out of control Award This team managed to switch the hydrogen car with the truck by balancing the car precariously on top of a large lever and dropping it perfectly into the driveway while simultaneously capturing the truck.  For being IN control while seeming to be OUT of control, the Out of Control  award goes to team 49, the eBusterz of Latham NY. This award goes out to a robot that looks like it is out of control but is always in  control.

Pre-tournament: SYRA runoffs will be held on Tuesday 11-13-07 at the Girl Scout House to determine which Sharon Eagle Robotics teams will represent us at the Blackstone Regional FLL tournament to be held Saturday 11-17-07.  Rankings were as follows:

Motorizers - 260, 260, 260 - best 2 = 520    Sharon A at Blackstone - team 42

XBots - 210, 250, 230 - best 2 = 480           Sharon B at Blackstone - team 43

BlackBotz - 240, 225, 195 - best 2 = 465     Sharon C at Blackstone - team 44

Bestbots - 215, 190, 220 - best 2 = 435

Erisbots - 185, 235, 140 - best 2 = 420

Think Outside the Botz - 190, 145, 190 - best 2 = 380

A great job by all 6 teams in the runoff!  The Mentors team will see you there!

Our Sharon teams will all have tables in the smaller gymnasium, not the cafeteria.  After each match, your team will be required to reset the table, to reduce pieces being carried away.

The doors will open at the Blackstone Valley Regional Technical High School at 7:00 AM.  Opening announcements in the new Competition Center at 8:15am.  The first matches start at 9:00am, with 5 matches to achieve your best score, to seed for the afternoon single-elimination matches.  The final elimination matches will start at 12:00pm.  The awards ceremony should start around 3:00pm, and the tournament should be over by 4:00pm.

The competition will include 64 teams (the largest of the Massachusetts tournaments), including four from Sharon.  Our Mentor team will be present, to help mentor the competing Sharon teams and to volunteer to referee and judge for the tournament.

Download morning qualifying rounds (Excel spreadsheet)

Download Afternoon elimination rounds (Excel spreadsheet) - rankings determined after morning

Location: Blackstone Valley Regional Technical High School

65 Pleasant Street  Upton MA 01568   (directions to school)

Contact:  Michael Norton   (508) 529-7758 x2310

Teams attending the competition:

Team #

Team Name Town
1 Princeton SHOCK Princeton MA
2 The Six Musketeers Monson MA
3 The Moose Squad Worcester MA
4 B/TREK Boylston MA
5 Mechatronic Marauders West Springfield MA
6 Endless Energy Brookline MA
7 Some Assembly Required Natick MA
8 Sharon Devilbots Sharon MA
9 Team Barracuda 1 Sutton MA
10 Team Barracuda 2 Sutton MA
11 Nutbots Boylston MA
12 Newtonian Mechanics Newton MA
13 Shrewsbury Shrewsbury MA
14 Shrewsbury Shrewsbury MA
15 Shrewsbury Shrewsbury MA
16 Shrewsbury Shrewsbury MA
17 The Volk Uxbridge MA
18 Soulja Boyz Uxbridge MA
19 Dragsters Uxbridge MA
20 Robonators Uxbridge MA
21 AT-ATs Uxbridge MA
22 Shell Shockers Uxbridge MA
23 The Rockets Auburn MA
24 Uber Bulldogs Worcester MA
25 Aqua Energizers Douglas MA
26 Power Players Douglas MA
27 Northboro Team 1 Northboro MA
28 Northboro Team 2 Northboro MA
29 TechnoKids 1 Northboro MA
30 TechnoKids 2 Northboro MA
31 Robotic Einsteins 1 Franklin MA
32 Robotic Einsteins 2 Franklin MA
33 Newtonian Mechanics Newton MA
34 Black Gear Ticks Lincoln MA
35 BlueGear Ticks Lincoln MA
36 Red Gear Ticks Lincoln MA
37 Purple Gear Ticks Lincoln MA
38 Green Gear Ticks Lincoln MA
39 Orange Gear Ticks Lincoln MA
40 Masterminds Delmar NY
41 CHAOS League #3347 Woods Hole MA
42 Sharon Eagle A Sharon MA
43 Sharon Eagle B Sharon MA
44 Sharon Eagle C Sharon MA
45 Acton Robots Acton MA
46 Electro RATs North Easton MA
47 Princeton Bricksters Princenton MA
48 Gibbons Middle School Westborough MA
49 eBusterz Latham NY
50 The Bricksters Foxboro MA
51 Bestiarius Electris Westford MA
52 The Robot Doctors Westford MA
53 Raytheon Rebels Leominster MA
54 Falconbots Leominster MA
55 Leominster Pink Flamingos Leominster MA
56 Short Circuits Leominster MA
57 Rock-N-Rollbots Leominster MA
58 Turbo Tankers Leominster MA
59 Mooseheads Milton MA
60 LegoHooligans Easton MA
61 Electric Brain Cells Franklin MA

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