Blackstone 2006



Post-tournament: The Blackstone Regional was a great experience for all the 64 participating teams!  The Black Botz team was competing as Sharon A, the Devil Bots team was competing as Sharon B, and the Eris Bots team was competing as Sharon C, after the qualifying rounds at our Tuesday meeting.  More pictures will be posted soon!

Our teams were all together in our pit area (the old gymnasium), and close by our partner team, the Bricksters from Foxboro/Mansfield.  There were 5 rounds before the lunch break, on 8 pairs of FLL tables.  The top scores for our teams:

Devil Bots (team 43 in morning), ranking 5 (team 5 in afternoon), with a high score of 230

Black Botz (team 42 in morning), ranking 9 (team 9 in afternoon), with a high score of 210

Eris Bots (team 44 in morning), ranking 27 (team 27 in afternoon), with a high score of 144

Award Ceremony

Black Botz, Devil Bots and Eris Bots receive the Team Spirit award

Sharon group photo

FLL teams with mentors team and coaches

Afternoon Matrix

Champion B/Trek team holding the afternoon elimination matrix

More photos . . .

After lunch, the single-elimination began.  Each of the Sharon teams were successful through the first 2 rounds (64, 32), with the Eris Bots giving way to the 2nd seed in the third round (16), as the Black Botz were paired against the Devil Botz.  The Devil Botz emerged victorious in a close match (16), and defeated the 4th seed in the next round (8), before falling to the B/Trek team in the final four, who emerged as the day's champions (after their final match against Northborough).

The Sharon teams were awarded the team spirit award as a group (and we are all proud of the enthusiasm that our teams displayed!), and the Devil Bots team received an award for technical excellence.

The Sharon Mentors team was represented by Alex, Omer and Patrick from Team Unlimited (FVC 2013) and Michelle from the AngelBots (FVC 2044), supporting our FLL teams and promoting the FIRST Vex Challenge to the upcoming "graduating class" of FLL teams.  Thanks!

Pre-tournament: SYRA runoffs will be held on Tuesday 11-14-05 at the Girl Scout House to determine which Sharon Eagle Robotics teams will represent us at the Blackstone Regional FLL tournament to be held Saturday 11-18-05.

The doors will open at the Blackstone Valley Regional Technical High School at 7:00 AM.  Opening announcements in the new Competition Center at 8:15am.  The first matches start at 9:00am, with 5 matches to achieve your best score, to seed for the afternoon single-elimination matches.  Lunch will be at 11:30am, and the final elimination matches will start at 12:30pm.  The awards ceremony should start around 3:00pm, and the tournament should be over around 4:00pm.

The competition will include 64 teams (the largest of the Massachusetts tournaments), including three from Sharon.  Our mentor team will be present, to help out the competing Sharon teams and to promote the FIRST Vex Challenge (FVC).

Location: Blackstone Valley Regional Technical High School

65 Pleasant Street  Upton MA 01568   (directions to school)

Contact:  Michael Norton   (508) 529-7758 x2310

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