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Robonautica - MA FLL State Championship - Sat 12-19-09

Brookline FLL Qualifying Tournament - Sat 12-12-09

Quincy FLL Qualifying Tournament - Sat 12-05-09

Blackstone FLL Qualifying Tournament - Sat 11-21-09

Fourth Annual Sharon FLL Invitational - Sat 11-14-09

Weekly SYRA meeting photos

"Smart Move" Q&A - check frequently!

2009-10 FLL Consent & Release form (.pdf)

2009-10 FLL Team Information Sheet (.pdf)

Keanu Reeves promotes FIRST in public service announcement!

"Smart Move" Challenge details - September 3rd

"Smart Move" Missions and Rules document posted

Updated version of "FLL Coaching 101" document posted

"Smart Move" resources from the TechBrick website

Overclocktoberfest! kickoff & scrimmages for JFLL, FLL & FTC @ Boston University on October 12th

New Season Announcement in Sharon Advocate

New Season begins for Sharon Youth Robotics!

"Smart Move" FLL challenge for 2009 - Photos!

Girl Scouts & FIRST

Sharon Youth Robotics wants you!

New FIRST FLL challenge website

Mindstorms RCX allowed for FLL through late 2009

Our SYRA 2002 - 2008 season website content is still available in our SYRA Archives.


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