2007/8 Wrap-up



The Sharon Youth Robotics Association has completed another great season of FIRST robotics competition!  Our roster of FLL teams:

  • Best Bots
  • Black Botz
  • Eris Bots
  • Motorizers
  • Think Outside the Botz
  • Xbots
  • The Bricksters (associate team from Foxboro)

The 2007-8 season full of accomplishments for our FIRST LEGO League (FLL) teams, from the season kickoff in September through the tournaments in November and December.  Our weekly meetings at the Girl Scout House showed the constant progress that the teams were making in meeting the Power Puzzle challenge, with our mini-challenges spurring the way to team success.  The Blackstone Regional tournament in November was a good tune-up for us - all of our teams made the final 16, and the Motorizers made the final 4.

December showed our teams progress at the Eastern MA State (Quincy/Gillette) tournament, with a great rookie debut for the "Think Outside the Botz" team, and the 1st place award for the "Black Botz" team!  Our internal "2nd Annual Sharon FLL Invitational" was a great day - all of our teams did very well! The Central MA State tournament (Robonautica/WPI) showed even more progress, with the "Motorizers" team finishing 1st, and the "Xbots" finishing 2nd!

And finally, the March post-season Boston PowerPlay! competition once again saw Sharon teams finishing one and two - the "Erisbots" 1st and the "Think Outside the Botz" second!  Altogether, a fantastic season all around!  We hope for another great year for the 2008-9 "Climate Connections" challenge . . .

Our roster of FTC teams:

  • Team Unlimited - FTC1
  • Sharon Angelbots - FTC 120
  • Sharon Myotonics - FTC 512

Our FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) teams also thrived this season.  Our "Mentors team" helped to train and support our FLL teams, and ran the 2nd Sharon FLL Invitational tournament.  Team Unlimited (FTC 1) mentored the RI FTC program for a second season, supporting the kickoff and workshops, as well as volunteering at the RI FTC Championship.  They also provided referees, judges, photographers etc. at most of the MA FLL events.

The CT FTC Championship was attended only by Team Unlimited (FTC 1), where they made the semi-finals and achieved the "Think Award".  The MA FTC Championship event was attended (despite the storm) by all three Sharon teams.  The Angelbots achieved the Think Award, and Team Unlimited was a finalist team, and the recipient of the Inspire Award.  All three teams had a great day!

The World Championship event, held in Atlanta, was attended by both the Angelbots and Team Unlimited.  Team Unlimited was a finalist for the Inspire award.  We all look forward to another great season coming up!

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