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2006 FIRST LEGO League Product Descriptions and Pricing - including FLL NXT Robot Set

From FIRST email received 3-15-06, posted here as a heads-up and for insight into changes for the coming year.  2006 season on-line registration is at http://register4fll.com/.

Greetings Teams:

We are excited that registration for the 2006 FLL season is right around the corner - we hope you are too!  We know that many of you have product and pricing questions, and hope you find the following helpful. 

Please note when registration opens in May, you will have the option of purchasing either the existing (MindStorms RCX) or the new (MindStorms NXT) FLL Robot Set. Of course, veteran teams may continue to use the set they already own. 

We hope to see you all in 2006!

*All prices given are in U.S. dollars *

FLL Team Registration (Required): $150 (non-refundable) 

FLL Robot Set (Recommended for new team.  Registered teams are allowed to purchase one FLL Robot Set, either the existing “MindStorms RCX” set or the new release “MindStorms NXT” set.)  The Robot Set can be used from year to year and it includes all components needed to build and program a robot.

A) MindStorms RCX: $260 – Begin to ship in June.
Two software versions: Robotics Invention System 2.0 and ROBOLAB 2.5.4, which enable you to determine which software version will work best for your team. These are single-user licenses.
-          1 RCX microcomputer, 1 IR Tower (USB)
-          3 Gear Motors
-          2 Light Sensors
-          2 Touch Sensors
-          1 Rotation Sensor
-          1 LEGO Lamp
-          Over 800 LEGO elements
-          1 Constructopedia with building instructions for sample robots and one “Getting Started Guide.”
– OR –

B) MindStorms NXT (new release): $280 – Begin to ship in August.
The PC- and MAC-compatible software interface has intuitive, icon-based drag and drop environment for "building" programs. Includes 40 interactive tutorials. It comes with an FLL Team license.
-          1 Intelligent NXT Brick
-          1 Rechargeable Battery
-          1 Charger
-          3 Interactive Servo Motors
-          2 Touch Sensors
-          1 Sound Sensor
-          1 Light Sensor
-          1 Ultrasonic Sensor
-          1 USB wire
-          7 Connection cables, different lengths
-          3 Lamps
-          3 Converter cables (connects lamps stone and existing sensors/motor and NXT Brick)
-          Over 1,000 LEGO elements
-          Building instructions
-          2 Storage Box with Sorting Trays
FLL 2006 Field Set Up Kit: $65 (recommended purchase for teams; teams have the option to share sets if they so choose)
Kit contents change from year to year based on challenge theme. It consists of:
·   Mission Models Set: Exclusive collection of several hundred LEGO elements required to build the mission models to place on the field mat.
·   Field Mat, 4’ X 8’ roll-out
·   Building instructions on CD
·   The field mat needs to be set up on a flat surface with borders around it. For information on how to set up borders on a floor, or how to build a standard FLL table, please visit the FLL website.

The following OPTIONAL items are offered to FLL teams as PRACTICE or REPLACEMENT parts:
Notes:   The FLL Robot Set A) MindStorms RCX contains 1 Rotation Sensor, but 3 are allowed.
            The FLL Robot Set B) MindStorms NXT contains 1 Light Sensor, but 2 are allowed.
For RCX version:
·         Light Sensor (Part Number: 779758): $16.50
·         Rotation Sensor (Part Number: 979891): $18.50
·         9 Volt Motor with Gear Reduction (Part Number: 775225): $17.50
For NXT version:
·         Rechargeable battery (Part Number: 979798): $48.00
·         Interactive Motor (rotation sensor built in) (Part Number: 979842): $17.00
·         Touch sensor (Part Number: 979843): $15.00
·         Light sensor (Part Number: 979844): $15.00

Go Teams!

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