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1.  Continued Support for RCX

As you know, Next Generation MINDSTORMS technology is making its way into the hands of FLL teams this year. Since the existing RCX set is still a good competitive tool for FLL, and since there are so very many of them around, LEGO assures us they will continue to support the RCX system for at least two more years.  Furthermore, we assure you that the FLL Challenge will not favor one set over the other, and that the game and rules will always be crafted with fairness in mind.

2.  New Allowable Materials Rule

Due to unique circumstances this year associated with the introduction of Next Generation MINDSTORMS, we're sharing with you the new *ALLOWABLE MATERIALS RULE from the robot game prior to the traditional September Kickoff date.  The reason for this is so you can plan your purchasing and summer practice effectively. 

Also related to the new kit is a running debate as people try to guess if the benefits from change outweigh the benefits from familiarity.  The truth is that the new kit will not turn an average team into a great team, but it will make it a little easier for any team to reach its own potential.  Experienced teams changing over will have some adjusting to do at first, but over time, all else being equal, the new kit does represent some advancement over the RCX robot set. 

So for fairness, we have done everything possible to predict and counter any kit-based advantages, real or perceived, short of observing a full-scale season of competition.  For now, certain changes to the rules and scoring structure are appropriate, and are in place for 2006/2007, but please be aware that the overwhelming factors affecting performance are enthusiasm, teamwork, organization, thought, effort, perseverance, and luck.  A master carpenter with old tools will always out-build an average builder who has new tools.

For RCX users: For NXT users:
  • RCX controller (1)
  • NXT controller (1)
  • motors (3) 
  • motors (3)
  • touch sensors (2)
  • touch sensors (2)
  • light sensors (2)
  • light sensors (2)
  • lamp (1) 
  • lamp (1)
  • rotation sensors (3)
  • 3rd touch OR light sensor (1)
  • rotation sensors (3 minus the number of NXT motors present)
  • ultrasonic sensor (1)          

*ALLOWABLE MATERIALS RULE:  At the competition table, the robot, its attachments, and all strategic objects must be made entirely of LEGO elements in original factory condition (except LEGO string and tubing may be cut to length).  At the competition table, the total package of robot, attachments, and strategic objects when viewed all at once must conform to the following quantity limits on electrical parts, no matter what the team intends to use at any one time:

LEGO wires and converter cables are allowed as needed.  Spare/alternate electrical parts are allowed in the pit area.  Objects functioning as remote controls are not allowed anywhere.  There are no restrictions on the quantity or source of non-electric LEGO pieces.  Stickers, paint, tape, glue, oil, etc. are not allowed, except marker may be used for owner identification in hidden areas only.  To participate in a match, a team must follow this rule.

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