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Link to the Q&A section on the FIRST LEGO League web site

Meeting to come after the holidays - Wrap Party!

Tuesday - 12-12-06

Last regular-season SYRA FLL meeting

Recapped the Quincy/Gillette Eastern Massachusetts State FLL tournament

Black Botz finished first for Robotic Performance, Fire Blazers made it to the quarter-finals

Recapped the Massachusetts FVC competition

Team Unlimited formed the winning alliance and received the "Inspire" award, Angelbots won the "Think" award

There will be an after-season FLL tournament at QCC in February, first priority to our teams that have not yet attended an outside tournament (Motorized Molecules, Nano Brothers and Best Bots)

Discussed upcoming WPI/Robonautica Central Massachusetts State FLL tournament

Elimination runs for state tournament

Eris Bots seeded first - competing as Sharon A

Tuesday - 12-05-06

Distributed the award certificates to each Sharon FLL team member

Showed the amazing video of FLL team

Discussed upcoming Quincy/Gillette Eastern Massachusetts State FLL tournament

Elimination runs for state tournament

Black Botz seeded first (370 in best two runs) - competing as Sharon A

Fire Blazers seeded second (335 in best two runs) - competing as Sharon B

Sunday - 12-03-06

First Annual Sharon FLL Invitational tournament

Tuesday - 11-28-06

Discussed the coming First Annual Sharon FLL Invitational tournament

Practice runs for upcoming competitions

Tuesday - 11-21-06

Quincy/Gillette FLL state tournament on December 9th

First Annual Sharon FLL tournament on December 3rd

    All Sharon teams invited! (plus the Bricksters!)

Review of Blackstone tournament

    All Sharon teams did well, and had a great time!

    Referees very shaky early on, not clear on many rules

    Make sure team checks score sheet carefully BEFORE it goes to the scoring table

    Check on table setup before each run

    Drawing for the team spirit award (photos to all 3 teams)

    No judging at Blackstone

    Important to rehearse presentations, check for around 5 minutes


Check FLL Coaches Manual for pointers on judging parameters

New (and final) challenge from Jack - score maximum points from the "shaky table" (3 white blocks, without knocking off any red blocks)

Tuesday - 11-14-06

Run-offs for Blackstone Regional

Eris Bots - 111, 143, 131 - 274 - third qualifier (Sharon C)

Flame Blazers - 51, 51, 136 - 187

Nano Brothers - 44, 94, 54 - 148

Black Bots - 69, 143, 206 - 349 - first qualifier (Sharon A)

Devil Bots - 136, 64, 164 - 300 - second qualifier (Sharon B)

Motorized Molecules - 124, 46, 97 - 223

Bricksters - 26 (discontinued due to mechanical issues)

The Black Bots have won Jack's 200 point challenge!

Tuesday - 11-7-06

Mini-challenge from last week is still open - scoring over 200 points

Next week - run-off for Blackstone Regional

3 rounds per team, total of two best runs will be used to qualify teams

Three teams from Sharon will compete

Tee shirt design settled, but we may not have them in time for Blackstone because of lack of lead time (need sizes now)

First Annual Sharon FLL tournament scheduled on December 3rd

Good for practice, experience before State FLL tournaments

Need parent volunteers to help run our tournament

Tuesday - 10-31-06

Halloween - no meeting

Tuesday - 10-24-06

Q&A for new teams - team members and coaches

Note: "FLL Secrets" of the Sharon Mentors team

No meeting on 10-31-06, due to Halloween

New Nano Quest Q&A postings

Tee-shirts - designs are now over-due, ASAP!

Jack's mini challenge, first team to score over 200 points on an officially refereed field

Practice rounds for team on the competition table

Tuesday - 10-17-06

No meeting on 10-31-06, due to Halloween

Dues are due - $50 per team member - coaches are free

Tee shirt designs since 2002 were displayed - "fashion show"

Tee shirt ideas are due by next week's meeting - we need time to have them made!

Pointed out challenge setup mistake in "Individual Atom Manipulation" table setup - distances from edge are misstated - pictured correctly

Prize for Jack's challenge - "Unsticking the Nanoprobe" - won by the DevilBots (one pound of primo LEGO building parts) - a great effort by all teams!

Jack's new challenge - as of next week, first team to score over 200 points in a regulation round of 2.5 minutes!

Official FLL Coaches Guide (in .pdf format) linked from out website

New project resources - special Nanooze magazine Nano Quest edition, MOS "Ask a Nanoscientist"

Practice rounds for team on the competition table

Tuesday - 10-10-06

Led off with extensive Q&A for robot designs with new teams

Tuesday meeting schedule continues

Need more team names!

Dues are due!

Need tee-shirt design proposals - lead time for printing before tournaments

Conflict for Mentor team and FLL tournaments

Blackstone OK, Quincy & Worcester same days as CT and MA FVC competitions

Proposal - 1st Annual Sharon Invitational FLL tournament

At Girl Scout House, proposed for Sunday, December 3rd

2 tables, multiple competition rounds

Judging for teamwork, technical and project

Proposed joint project for SYRA FLL teams

Ran Jack's special challenge - won by Devil-Bots

Ran field missions

More Q&A, meeting wrapped

Tuesday - 10-03-06

Jack not available next meeting - John will preside

Dues set at $50 per team member - no charge for coaches - due now

Tee-shirt designs due now - we need lead time to assure they are ready before the competitions

If you are not getting our email, please contact us with your proper email address

LEGO had licensed Pitsco to handle their products for education (as

Anyone can purchase direct from them, both NXT and RCX Mindstorms (not just schools), can recommend "Precious Princess Palace" as reputable, ships quickly (unless they are on vacation, which will be noted on the site).


When storing the Atomic Microscopy (Unstick the Nanoprobe) mission, keep the magnet disconnected, at it will semi-permanently bend the long axle with time.

The Nanotube Strength mission should spring up quickly when triggered - if not, it was probably miss-assembled.

Careful not to lose the orange round "bucky-ball" piece - it is from LEGO Bionicles sets, and not easily replaced.

Several teams ran their robots in exhibition.

Jack issued a challenge - a prize to the first team able to "Unstick the Nanoprobe".

Much informal discussion.

Tuesday - 09-26-06

Goal for next week - bring in your base robot with at least one mission running by next Tuesday

I competition, referee will take one "dirt piece" for each penalty

If the molecule hangs on the edge of the molecular motor mission, it is legal

Shared mission (Space Elevator) clarified, more that one way to activate elevator, it could matter what side has the lower car

Q&A "quiz"

Many good questions and clarifications on missions and rules

The Space Elevator will not be on the marks, but at the center of the middle of the two tables

Sign-up sheets are overdue

Tuesday - 09-19-06

Field setup

Missions - overview, starting setup, point values

Hands rule - starting, during run, penalties

How points are counted at end of run

Order of missions is up to the teams

Legal vs. illegal approaches - in answer to questions

No explicit field damage rule (yet)

Prioritize missions, limited time

Penalty points - dirt blocks; first removed from field scattered blocks, second from blocks still in bin, third from blocks returned to base


Referee mistakes

More discussion of missions

Fairness bonus - RCX, points in 3 missions; NXT, points in 6 missions

Not out of base until last part is clear of line, free retrieval in needed, robot can't act until clear of base

Good to think "Outside the Box", but within the rules

SYRA competition to determine who attends each tournament


Tuesday - 09-12-06

Informal - description of sample competition robot - modular, reinforced in all three dimensions, Eagle OverDrive to go straight, internal 3rd motor for attachments, sensor use

Competition field overview (mat and models)

Introduce some members of the SYRA Mentors team - a resource to help our FLL teams to address the challenge - all graduate FLLers, all from top teams

How to approach field in competition, penalty points

Challenge releases on Friday (9-15), subject of next meeting

Blackstone is first tournament, November 18th - all new teams should attend, even if they don't qualify in the run-off - experience and ideas

Team rosters due ASAP - dues to be set

Tee-shirt design competition

Unattached members need to be matched in/with teams

Rule review - FLL 9-14 (4th-8th grade)


"We're doing this for glory - there are no cash prizes"

Table assembly and alternatives (2x4 frame, single 2x4 placed when appropriate)

Competition mat ownership and rotation

Back to table for informal session

Action: this weekend, teams should build sample robot and Brainstorm the new challenge!

Wednesday - 09-06-06

Review meeting schedule

Overview of FLL & SYRA

Structure of season

Nano Quest Challenge

LEGO Mindstorms - RCX vs. NXT

SYRA website -

Discussion of team formation

Team roster forms

SYRA fees ~ $50 per member this year

Robots and robotic components

References and resources - documents and people

SYRA mentors team - alumni coaches and team members

Programming - movement and sensors

Lots of Q&A

Close examination of sample robots and the new filed & models

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